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We are moved by passion and effort, that's why we live the sport intensely

The sport helps us improve our society through values of improvement, solidarity, health ... with which we feel deeply identified in the Confremar Group. 

That's why we are very excited to be able to sponsor the Pramac Racing Team in the 2019 season of MotoGP.

Fonsi Nieto y el equipo Pramac de MotoGP

"The Confremar family has supported me throughout my career and last season decided to follow me on a new adventure as a trainer for our racers. It is a great satisfaction for me and the entire team that they have decided to become a sponsor of the team."

Fonsi Nieto (Racing Coach by Pramac)

“"The collaboration between Grupo Confremar and Fonsi Nieto comes from a deep personal bond that has lasted for more than thirty years. The Fernández and Trancón families, founders of the group, have placed their trust in Fonsi, a great professional and friend of all of us. Our goal has always been to compete and be with the bests, so now we join the Pramac Racing Team with the hope of sharing a great success in the future."

Ricardo Fernández (General Director of Grupo Confremar)


Effort always brings a reward.

The Confremar group also sponsor the Triathlon Club Encinas de Boadilla to encourage, from the early ages the passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Carreras de Triatlón equipo confremar Pramac MotoGP Fonsi Nieto y confremar confremar carrera de MotoGP Equipo de triatlón patrocinado por Grupo Confremar Confremar y Pramac en la Moto GP

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