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Confremar Group strongly supports efforts for best management practices of fisheries to protect the environment and promote sustainable seafood products. The commitment to increasingly source sustainable seafood is our promise to provide our customers the highest quality frozen seafood and to meet the increasing demands of educated consumers.

We offer a flexible and varied line of frozen seafood products that meet global standards of accountability, traceability and food safety.

Sustainable seafood is seafood from either fished or farmed sources that can maintain or increase production in the future without jeopardizing the ecosystems and communities from which it was acquired. Our continuous goal is to source from suppliers who have our same vision and encourage those that don't to become more sustainable.

We strongly believe this will have a real impact in the marketplace, and ultimately in our waters. Creating more demand for seafood from sources that support healthy oceans puts us on course to improving fishing practices around the world.

Sustainability is a hot topic in most fisheries discussions being held around the world today. There are several different stakeholder groups - from non-governmental environmental organizations to fishing associations all clamoring to define sustainability. There are dozens of "3rd party certifiers" who will identify their criteria for a sustainable fishery and then certify those fisheries who meet their criteria. Unfortunately, there are several different viewpoints and even more varying criteria used by all of these organizations to define sustainability and thus there is no generally accepted definition of sustainability by all the stakeholder groups.

We respect the most important International quality standard levels